Our Control Unit

Get the latest unit for controlling your irrigation.

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The most important functions


Be it remote or in your city, set it up and that's it. With PlantControl you won't have to care about power for many seasons to come.

Remote Control

Our control unit is constantly connected to the internet, ensuring 24/7 availability. Plan your irrigation programs anytime, anywhere.

Safety thanks to flow meters

With our flow meters we ensure that there is no spillage and waste of water in case of an emergency.

Notification & Alerts

With us, you've got nothing to worry about. You'll get notified about your irrigation plans or any failures or obstructions that may happen.

No infrastructure required

We make the platform you need for irrigation. With us, there's no need to build complex infrastructure.

Saves water

Thanks to our control system, you can pay up to 25% less on your bills! We optimize water usage with meteorological and real time data.

Platform for your control.

We develop the platform.

You enjoy the data.

Don't complicate your life with building a platform for all of your devices…

We have it for you, ready and supporting many 3rd party devices.

Central management of areas and zones
Integration with 3rd party sensors and services

Rule engine – Automation logic

Irrigation plan adjustment recommendation system
powered by machine learning

Open API Architecture

Easy integration to your management system

Easy integration of 3rd party sensors and services

Access to open data

Compatible Valves

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