Save water, time and energy.

Get precise irrigation with PlantControl. 

The simplest solution for controlling your crops and greenery.

Irrigation is feeding the world…

Irrigation is used to grow 40% of the world’s food

on 20% of the world’s agricultural land.

275 million hectares of land is irrigated worldwide.

Without irrigation, we would need 500 million more hectares.

Contemporary irrigation systems are still very inefficient.

PlantControl brings automation, remote control and intelligence.

Our Solution

PlantControl open architecture integrates everything that you need for precise irrigation.

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your time

LESS water


More yield

Precision in irrigation

Secured by these features

Platform for Central management

Remote Control via NB-IoT

Safety thanks to flow meters

Battery Control Units

No infrastructure required

Irrigation rules, Notification & Alerts

Just cut two wires,

make your irrigation smart

What's new

Dwindling water resources have become a global problem in recent years. The optimization of its quantity is therefore becoming a trend not only in agriculture but also on golf or football courses. And green urban spaces are not left behind in this area either.

Water saving is a priority

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) budget for 2021-27 amounts to € 95.5 billion, which includes an injection of € 8.1 billion from the next generation EU recovery instrument to help address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Support from EU rural development funds can be used for …


What Partners & Clients say

"In the Smart City Polygon, we want to demonstrate the practical application of the available technologies for smart and sustainable cities of the future. PlantControl fits into the entire ecosystem thanks to its modern IoT technology, efficient water management and easy integration with our central smart city management system."

Pavel Němeček

manager at Smart City Polygon

"We provide data-driven irrigation to our customers. It is either irrigated too much or insufficiently. The CleverFarm solution optimises irrigation. That's when PlantControl units come in to adjust irrigation cycles remotely."

Vojtěch Malina

CEO, CleverFarm, a.s.

"We have already seen up to a quarter of both water and energy savings.

The smart irrigation system can regulate how much water is needed into the greenery and can evaluate it."

Jana Černochová

mayor of Prague City district 2


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